SITIS is the fastest and one of the most accurate ways of touchless temperature taking.  Very simple to install and even easier to use, this device will accurately check people temperatures upon approach in under a half of a second.


SITIS keeps a data record, much like any security camera that includes each entrants body temperature.  Further, should someone afflicted with any type of infection causing increased body temperature try to enter, the device alarms and notifies all keystakeholders in the system so the proper action can be taken.  All data is dashboarded in our free online cloud that you will be able to monitor and review real time just by simply logging on.

SITIS - Smart Infrared Thermal Imaging System


    •  SITIS is a convenient and safe visual thermagraphic scanning terminal.

    •  A.I. deep learning algorithms to pinpoint a persons body temperature in under .3 of a second.

    •  Can replace employee swipe cards and keyfobs with 20,000 face database, face recognition accuracy rate is more than 99.97%, and recognition speed is less than 200ms.

    •  Binocular live anti-counterfeiting function with anti-photo, anti-video deception, etc.

    •  Comes in 22 inch, 17 inch, 12 inch and 7 inch MIPI full screen.

    •  Night-vision technology allow this device to be used in any environment due to its 2 million intelligent broadband dynamic sensors.

    •  It supports human body temperature detection, temperature display function, automatic alarm for abnormal body temperature.

    •  Infrared and RGB dual fill light with powerful ability for low light recognition.

    •  SITIS supports optional 4G communication.

    •  SITIS supports TTS universal voice broadcast.

    •  SITIS is made for both of high and low temperature without interruptions within temperatures of 5°F to 167°F.

    •  SITIS has a durable metal body to withstand wear and tear long term