RAIDD 5 = Remote Artificially Intelligent Disinfecting Drone has an 5 gallon payload and can be deployed with a simple click of a button.


The costs of disinfection do not have to break the bank.  Technology can provide you this safety


•  What might have been a 40 person remediation team with all of the associated hours can become a 4 person tech team.

•  What would have required hours of human labor is reduced by minutes using Drones

•  With your simple CAD drawing of the building a team of drones can be deployed in short time.

•  Each drone equipped with self homing when refilling in necessary


Drones can make short work saving you approximately 90% of the labor cost which is over 60% of a traditional manual disinfection bill.


You can be safe without breaking the bank.

RAIDD 5 - Disinfecting Drone - 8 gallon payload


    • Aviation Grade carbon fiber fuselage.  Extremely durable.
    • High Efficiency power system for long lasting use between charges.
    • Disinfectant chamber made to quickly be removed and plugged in when filled.
    • Artificial Intelligent driven deployment software.  Easy operation and user friendly.
    • Design allows for small storage footprint as propeller arms fold
    • When comparing to manual disinfection, this drone saves approximately 50% of the disinfectant.