The Disinfecting Handrail System is smartly designed to require NO POWER.  The contacting roller rests and rolls as the escalator hand rail moves and passes through it.  As the contacting roller rolls it generates the power needed for the disinfecting far-UVC LED Light to illuminate and irradiate the hand rail with a disinfecting efficacy of 99.97%


At the moment, touching escalator and moving walkway handrails causes a health risk as it may cause infection from various pathogenic diseases and viruses.  The hand rails are touched 1000's of times a day.


The DHS comes with all know adaptive brackets allowing it to mount to almost all known hand rail types.

DHS - Disinfecting Handrail System


    • Constructed with all metal parts and a decorative HD Plastic Cover for durability
    • far-UVC LED emission rate of greater than 23,000 lumen
    • Requires no power as it generates it's own power through the motion of the handrail
    • Includes all universal brackets for mounting