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Over 250 customer were poled and these were the most FAQ's.

  • How will buying one of your products really provide protection?
    You can't provide protection unless you are destroying Fomites (infectious material) in all of your key threat areas. Viral exposure comes in many types mostly in airborne and surface (high touch). One product cannot do it all, which is why we have a suite of products to offer. We also offer site inspections where we can recommend the right products for your needs. Preventing Fomites from entry into your facility is one key, and crutial step, but making sure the inside of your facility remains disinfected both in air and surface categories can provide a completely safe environment.
  • How long do orders take to receive?
    All products are in stock and ready to ship. It may take up to 3 days to prepare your order for shipment and the time of transportation will be predicated on the type of shipping you prefer that meets your budget. We work with all types of carriers and can provide you with the best pricing in each of these methods of shipping.
  • Do you provide installation and maintenance on your products?
    Yes, we have local installation in all states in major cities. They may need to travel out from these cities if you are in rural areas of your state but there is nowhere in the country we can't provide service. We have service plans based on the product types you buy. Call us and we will pair you with a friendly sales representative in your area and they can discuss with you all of our service plans.
  • How do we know your equipment really works?
    We have all of the lab test reports that proves each and every one of our products efficacy. Further, we can set up conference calls or zoom meetings with the medical teams we contracted that can fully explain the labs. We can show your real time data on our systems in the field which presently we have had over 200,000 entrants, identifying over 3100 symptomatic people prevently their entry and we have had 0 post trace infections at facilities using our system. Call us and we can start the process and provide you what you need.
  • Do you have financing?
    Yes, we have a wonderful partnership with Ascentium. Call us and we can provide you a link to our application so we can start the financing process for your buy.
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