RIV is a Robotic Intelligent Vehicle that runs on our Artificial Intelligence software.  It is self learning and adaptive to any environment and can navigate facilities even during working hours as it can sense movement, predict movement pathways and react prior 15 feet away from any obstruction or passing person.  This device comes with 6, high powered far-UVC lights that are non-harmful to humans but disinfects with an efficacy of 99.97%.  This RIV disinfects both airborne and surface RNA/Fomites and bacteria of all types.


The AI system sees all potential shadowing areas and will reposition itself to hit any and all areas in a facility.  The RIV is also equipped with a sample cartridge container at it's base that randomly takes samples throughout a facility for testing.  It imprints the exact coordinates onto the sample pad.  These samples can then be tested using our PCR rapid test center which will pinpoint potential threats and works on all types of fomite / RNA and bacterial types. 


All data from the RIV is stored in your personal cloud which you get free with the purchase of this unit.  Our cloud dashboard gives you a complete look real time and is the best line of defense for any litigious situations that may arrise from outbreaks in your geographical area. 

RIV - Robotic Intelligent Vehicle

Chassis Color
      RNA/Fomite Destruction Type far-UVC Lamp
    Basic Functions Navigation AI System
      Navigation Type Visual Nav - SLAM Algorithm
      far-UVC lamp power 320 watts
      Dimensions L 21" x W 19" x H 63"
      RNA/Bacterial Destruction Speed 20-30 sqare yards per minute
    Performance Parameters RNA/Bacterial Destruction efficacy 99.97%
      Anti-Collision System LIDAR obstacle avoidance with AI system awareness
      Mechanical collission detection Anti-collision triggers with auto braking system
      Emergency Shut-down Large emergency stop switch
      Battery Type Lithium ion phosphate
    Power System Battery Voltage / Capacity 36V / 30Ah
      Charging method Auto docking using AI homing / Manual connection
    Communication System Internet connection Built-in wireless system
    Call system Method Not necessary = Built-in proactive tasking system
    Software Updates Application Updating Autopush license free and comes with the purchase of your unit
    Options Chassis Color White, Chrome, Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Purple
    Options Language English, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese and Chinese
    Options Light color RGB - Any color you select