Sigouros 2.0 is a disinfecting door system that provides a thorough way to screen all entrants into your building ensuring NO symptomatic people make it inside.  Armed with a ballistic grade plexiglass turnstile, this only opens when the entrant has passed the thermagraphic scan.  Further, Sigouros 2.0 provides 4 main elements that allow each entrant get disinfected before entry to ensure RNA is not dragged into your building.

Sigouros 2.0

SKU: Sigouros 2.0
  • Sigouros 2.0 is a turnstile device that is made to potentially replace your outer doorways (or be place in front or inside).  The turnstile only opens when the entrant has been screened and passed the thermagraphic scan proving their body temperture is not heightened.  These are ballistic grade plexiglass panels that turn open once approval is given.  The Sigouros 2.0 Door System has the following main elements of disinfection;

    Facial recognition (for easy employee entrance)

    Thermal scanning (for accurate body temperature screening)

    Overhead ozone at 3 parts per million

    far-UVC 222nm (12 areas of the unit)

    far-UVC 208nm (6 areas of the unit)

    Atomized disfecting vents

    All records can be stored locally or on a cloud.  The system comes with server deployment software and encryption software.  You can set up the distruction of these data records based on the local laws of your state.

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