Sigouros 1.0 is a disinfecting door system that provides a thorough way to screen all entrants into your building ensuring NO symptomatic people make it inside.  Further, Sigouros provides 4 mail elements that allow each entrant get disinfected before entry to ensure RNA is not dragged into your building.

Sigouros 1.0

SKU: Sigouros 1.0
  • Simple motion detection turn on system allows each entrant to be properly disinfected in approximately 10-12 seconds.  The Sigouros 1.0 Door System has the following main elements of disinfection;

    Facial recognition (for easy employee entrance)

    Thermal scanning (for accurate body temperature screening)

    Overhead ozone at 3 parts per million

    far-UVC 222nm (4 areas of the unit)

    far-UVC 208nm (2 areas of the unit)

    Atomized disfecting vents

    All records can be stored locally or on a cloud.  The system comes with server deployment software and encryption software.  You can set up the distruction of these data records based on the local laws of your state.


  • Included in the price of your unit.



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