Sigouros, Inc. is a Woman Owned Small business certified through the SBA 8(a).  Additionally, we are a US Federal Contractor and certified through the SAM system and we are a Hubzone. Our company and our mission is simple, provide reliable and effective products that protect.


Sigouros, Inc. has developed a series of disinfecting doorway and entryway system that provides the most thorough disinfection of an entrant in the fastest rate of time.  Understanding that our clients would need the best possible throughput, we have used 3 very important technologies to achieve what doctors have called "the triangle of death for infection" which are Ozone, Atomized Disinfectant and far-UVC light.


Sigouros, Inc. knows how important quality is to our customers which is why we only use the highest level of materials, hire the best engineers, programmers and software developers.  Then we test, refine, test until proven every product we release to the public.


Sigouros, Inc. has certified and trained technicians (24,000) to service all of our products in every state in the US as well as many areas of Canada and Mexico.  We back all of our products with a 2 year parts and labor warranty relative to manufacturing default. 


We know it’s our job to create solutions to our customers problems.  It's why we can create customized solutions with this same technology.  So if there is a need for this technology in a space that doesn't allow for this size, our team of engineers can develop a customer solution that works with the current architecture.



Located at 450 Bunker Court in Vernon Hills Illinois, our headquarters is a 66,000 square foot manufacturing facility.



Dr. Ahmed Elborno


“Sigouros has created the triangle of death for RNA, Bacteria and Spores by not only using far-UVC light but adding the ozone and non-harmful disinfectant.”



450 Bunker Court

Vernon Hills, IL 60061

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